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Company profile

Jilin Hongyue International Human Resources Development Co. LTD, for short: Hongyue International, a dispatching labor abroad enterprise, owns the qualification to foreign economic labor service cooperation ,approved by the commerce department in China. The company was founded in 2008,  6 million registered capital , has more than 100 employees now . expatriate company designated by the Jilin provincial Department of Commerce. professional and reliable!

The company has been committed to creating a platform for Chinese people to work abroad, keep exploiting and innovating, to create chances of international employment jobs to satisfy the increasing demand of social employment, achieve the Chinese dream of working abroad. Recent years our company has sent more than 10000 labors to Singapore, industries involved including  machinery, electronics, chemicals, services, textiles, clothing, food processing, welding, handyman, driver, chef, milling, construction, etc.

It has made unremitting efforts and due contributions to the transfer and employment of surplus labor force in urban and rural areas in northeast China and the realization of a well-off society in an all-round way.Our company is dedicated to create an integrity enterprise in the three northeast provinces in China. So Spare no effort to create a good platform for people going abroad, think what the employees want, concern the employees urgency. For few years, the company has accumulated abundant labour export working experience, has made a team of employees with both ability and integrity and excellent business skills.They insist the operating philosophy Honesty, service first. Warmly receive every consultant,according to the actual situation of the applicant, select project for workers act as their advisor; they always consider for the workers , regard the workers go abroad as a start point to their work, tracing service. Help contact the agent , uphold the justice , solve the problems as much as they can When workers suffer unfair treatment, thus won a good reputation, got a lot of repeat workers, reserve more adequate human resources.

Our company has set up branches in Meihekou city, Liuhe county,and Chengdu city Sichuan province;Established subsidiaries in Tonghua, Henan,Heilongjiang,the employees are professional on their business,The company's marketing personnel conscientiously carry out the holders' meeting spirit of keeping searching cooperate partners, continue to expand the market share, innovating thinking, exploiting and pursuing, established stable cooperate relationship with labor assignment enterprises in Shanghai,Shandong,Shenyang, Heilongjiang,Jiangsu,Henan,Hebei,Beijing,Fujian etc, in order to satisfy the needs of the employees,we select agencies,optimizing the orders,  think what the employees want, concern the employees urgency .

After the workers are admitted by the foreign employers, our company will also carry out ideological education to the workers about the relevant national customs, manners, laws and regulations to make sure they can adapt to the study, work and life abroad.We strive to make everyone who wants to go abroad feel the warm help from Hong Yue International!

Company Declaration :Work abroad ,wealth and rich,one person working abroad,make all family proud, service  labors moremake benefits for all.

In the future, all the colleagues of the company are determined to continue adhering to the service tenet of "integrity, righteousness, truth-seeking and reliability", and work together with new and old customers at home and abroad to carry on the past and open a way, and provide more professional and efficient services for the overseas employment of domestic talents at all levels.





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